Hi All, I am a Muslim girl from a best cast in Sri Lanka. Those who do not know about our casts, please note that Memones, Khojas and Bhoras are the super Muslim casts. We are not high in head count here and we never use Tamil as our mother tongue. Some local people call us Mod Muslims. Since I am brought up in this country I can understand local language and know common terms they use. A High cast can’t be common in any race. Same is true for Muslim nation too. My wish is to find a guy from any of our acceptable casts mentioned above. Just for your info I am a Memon girl.

I request all of you not to judge all Muslims from the most common Muslims you meet day to day. Unfortunately wide spread Muslims are the lowest possible cast in our nation. Their generations did not arrive to Sri Lanka from India as rich merchants, but as cunning Arab traders who were pervert enough to fuck anything in their way. However local people never happy to allow their women to these traders and only choice they had was to find women from Tamil nation. Tamil is a nation who made their living mostly by washing toilets and lowest grade labor you can imagine. The local term used for them is “Sakkili Minissu”. So the Sukkili Women also were in short of men to marry due their disgusting manners, low hygiene and poor looks. They were also very low income people in the society. The desperate and cunning Arab Muslim traders could always make better income by trading various things to local people and were in a position of sex starvation.

The wishes of Sakkili women and Arab traders were matching and Arabs began buying these women from poor Tamil families using their money. This ended up making more perverted siblings in Muslim population and majority of Sr Lankan Muslims (i.e. Sri Lankan Moors and Sri Lankan Malays) were the growing part in Muslim community like cockroaches in a garbage dump.

Other than these historic genetic odds of our Janitor Muslim cast. There is another major difference religious wise between 2 of us too. We Indian Moors only believe in Almighty God Allah. Not the old perverted prophet who blended his dark and dirty sexual desires with the religion. It is the biggest defame done to Islam by a single person. Unlike the Islam followed by our Janitor (or Sakkili ) Muslim counterparts, our Islam is not a religion of Penis, Not a religion of Sex or Not a Religion of Hate.

You will see how many Janitor Muslims will raise their voice to kill me as I give you this insight to Islam in Sri Lanka. That is the best proof to understand what it is. Why Saharan and the majority Muslims in Sri Lanka gave Easter attack to the local nation who hosted them for entire known history. And how they gave false promises to ancient king to get rid of dirty Islam in exchange of protection from protégées who chased them to slaughter and wipe completely from this land. I am truly ashamed the name of my religion is shared by these janitor people. Hard to be silent when I see them defame it beyond all recognition with perverted version of Islam held in their shallow heads.