An Islamic burka clad daughter met her burka clad mom secretly and says to her while walking, No one can recognize them even on the road.
“I’m divorcing Abdulla.” I want him to say “Thalaq” 3 times to me. That is the only way out for me. Fuck Islam …I have no other way to Divorce that old fart.
All he wants is sex, sex and more sex. yet his dick is too old to erect. All he use are his ugly stinking fingers.
My vagina is now the size of a 50-cent piece and stinking.
when it used to be the size of a 5 cent piece and fresh”

Her mother says …..
“You’re married to an old multi-millionaire Arabic businessman !
We sold you to him for a big fortune for his sex needs as rightly advised in our Faith. So you are his prostitute.
You live in an 8 bedroom mansion, in his harem with other 3 wives and all his female sex slaves !
It is True Abdulla is impotent, but you can have lesbian fun with all the others! Masha Allah – Find fun out of misery.
I wish I were you… I had only three other Muslim women to have group sex with your farther. No lesbian fun. Your fucking Muslim Farther loved to be another Mohommad (Sal). May the curse of Allah be on him and Muhammad(sal).
You drive a $250,000 Ferrari !
You get $2,000 a week allowance !
You fuck all you see hiding inside burka, including your driver! like all we Muslim women do.
You can let your breasts be sucked by any Muslim man visiting mansion (with Islamic blessing), Finally fuck him too. except driver! which you fuck anyway, I even enjoy that today in my 70. …Alla hu Akbar!
You take 6 vacations a year and
you want to throw all that away…

Over 45 cents !!!!?”


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